The IEP Process 

The IEP documents how the student will be served in special education. The IEP is designed annually by an IEP team, yet can be adjusted at any point during the school year via the review/revise process.  An IEP is designed to explain how the student's disability affects his or her learning, state the student's present level of academic and functional performance,  identify annual goals for improving the present level of performance, and describe the services that the student needs in order to achieve the stated goals.  Language support and interpretation is available for families whose native language is other than English.   See a guide to the contents of an IEP from the Center for Parent Information and Resources.

IEP Team IEP Meeting IEP Document
IEP Team IEP team meeting

IEP document

IEP At a Glance

  1. Parents/Guardians
  2. Student (if appropriate)
  3. Individuals requested by parent
  4. Local Education Agency  (LEA)
  5. Special Ed Teacher 
  6. Regular Education Teacher 
  7. Other staff requested by district

The IEP team meets at least annually to develop the IEP 


Meetings are required for:

  • Changes in placement
  • Determining Eligibility
  • Revisions to services
  • Adding a new section to the IEP... ie.. Behavior Support Plan


In an effort to improve the outcomes of students with disabilities, parents/families will receive a satisfaction survey following their son/daughter's IEP meeting(s).  See the results of the survey.

Invitation/Cover Sheet 
Transition Goals
Behavior Support Plan

I-4 Linking Form
Present Level of Performance
Special Factors
Disability Related Needs
Annual Goals
Assessment (Statewide/Districtwide)

Translation Request
Educational Records

Post IEP Survey Results
View My Child's IEP

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