Special Education Parent Advisory Council


The purpose of the Special Education parent advisory council is to:

  • Increase the involvement of parents of children with disabilities in district policy making and decision making.
  • Advise the Madison Metropolitan School District on policy and decisions affecting and/or related to special education while increasing educational outcomes for students with disabilities
  • Recommend priorities to be addressed by the district in their annual and long term strategic plan.
  • Support the needs of students with disabilities regarding funding and resource allocation during district budget meetings.

The following may be addressed by the Advisory Council:

  • Development of cooperative relationships between regular and special education.
  • Provide professional development opportunities and support for parents, families, and students with disabilities.
  • Develop strategies to enable district and parent groups to work together to advocate for current and future legislation including, but not limited to: state legislation and interpretation of the implementation of IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act).
  • Serve as a forum for the expression of concerns and recommendations pertaining to the education of students with disabilities in the Madison Metropolitan School District.
  • Support and encourage involvement of families of learners with disabilities in their school and educational programs. Parents, we welcome your feedback about the IEP process and/or your experience with special education in MMSD. 
  • Serve as a resource for committee membership regarding special education issues for larger committees formed by the Madison Metropolitan School District.

The Advisory Council will do this by:

  • Promoting collaboration and increased means of communication as a means to improve the education process for all learners.
  • Influencing change, policy and procedures by informing and educating parents, school staff, administrators, students, and community members through: workshops, websites and printed materials.


The Special Education Advisory Council consists of up to 26 people; the Executive Director of Student Services, parents of student(s) with a disability, and representatives of community agencies who are committed to improving special education and related services to students with disabilities and preparing them for life after school, college, career, and community ready.

Term of Office

Council members shall be appointed to a term of two years and may serve a total of three terms.  Terms may be extended at the discretion of the Special Education Advisory Council Executive Board.

Current Membership:

John Harper, Executive Director, Student Services (608) 663-8429
Genell Baun, Parent
Sal Carranza, UW – Academic & Student Affairs
Carol Chapin, Parent
Gail Chodron, Parent
Nancy Corrigan, Parent
Charlotte Deleste, Parent
Michelle Eldridge, Parent
Tina Fedora, Parent
Regena Floyd-Sambou, WI Dep't. of Children & Families
Tora Frank, Parent
Tim Gebhardt, Parent
Pam Herd, Parent
Danielle Kaiser, ARC 
Anne Morgan Giroux, Parent
Cynthia Perry, Edgewood College
Angela Radloff, Dane County Human Services
Lynn Renner, Parent
Aaron Schliem, Parent
Robin Schnitzler, Parent
Raj Shukla, Parent
Kelli Simpkins, Parent
Martha Siravo, Parent
Corinne Splain, Parent
Molly Tupta, Parent
Michelle Wilker, Parent
Pamela Wood, Parent