The Department of Student Services is engaging in a process to update the existing Special Education Plan. The purpose of updating the Special Education Plan is to provide a clear outline of the changes and infrastructure needed to ensure that consistent, coherent services are provided to all students with disabilities in alignment with our vision. The work of Student Services is aligned with and supports the District's Strategic Framework
Priority Area I, Coherent Instruction: This priority area provides every student with a well-rounded, culturally responsive education instruction that leads to college, career, and community readiness. MMSD's Department of Student Services collected parent, staff, and community feedback on serving students with disabilities. Read the Special Education Plan Fall 2015 Feedback Report.   

Special Education Plan Spring 2016 Feedback Report

Read the Special Ed Plan:

  Special Education Plan

Special Ed Plan

Feab Kev Kawm Tshwj Xeeb Tus Laj Txheej

 Plan de Educación Especial 
Plan de Educación Especial

The Plan is organized into six primary areas:
1.  Service Delivery for Students with Disabilities
    • Implement a collaborative Service Delivery planning process as a component of comprehensive school instructional design, to ensure all students with disabilities are provided with high quality instruction and effective special education/related services in the most inclusive educational environments
    • Implement improved processes to successfully transition students with disabilities from grade to grade, school to school and from high school to adulthood
2.  Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development
    • Expand Universal Design for Learning (UDL) as a strategy for curriculum and lesson design that ensures access for students with disabilities to rigorous standards-based content
    • Create a repository of modified or adapted curricula aligned with district scopes and instructional resources in core subjects
    • Increase professional learning opportunities for special education teachers and assistants on evidence-based interventions for reading, writing, math, and social emotional skills/behavior
    • Provide professional development for key staff, including all principals, district-wide on the principals and practices of inclusive education
3.  Data Use and Accountability Systems
    • Utilize accountability systems and data routines in schools to monitor student progress on learning goals and determine when additional supports, guidance or immediate adjustments are needed
    • Implement improved accountability systems (see Accountability Plan) to monitor and immediately correct procedural compliance issues
4.  Disproportionality
    • Apply improved monitoring systems and implement five actions to reduce/eliminate factors contributing to disproportionality within special education (improve access to timely evidence-based reading interventions, improve student support and intervention team practices, require re-evaluation for transfer students with certain disabilities, improve the quality of initial evaluations, and ensure appropriate educational environments with the service delivery process)
5.  Recruiting, Hiring, Retention and Placement of High Quality Staff
    • Revise hiring processes for both special education teachers and assistants to ensure appropriate staffing levels and qualification/skills
    • Create a process to increase the number of high quality special education and bilingually certified teachers
    • Research, identify and implement a successful model for the equitable distribution of special education and related services staffing/resources
6.  Collaboration and Communication
    • Improve family partnerships and communication with stakeholders, including parents/families, administrators, teachers, and special education assistants
    • Improve teaming and collaboration practices among both special education staff and with general education colleagues
    • Revise the roles/responsibilities of assistant directors, program support teachers, and other Student Services staff to improve communication and alignment with the Special Education Plan goals and priorities