As we increase the number of certified special education cross categorical teachers in MMSD and improve special education services, it is critical that we develop a pool of highly qualified teachers with Special Education certification. We recognize that this is a shortage area for hiring and our goal is to recruit and retain highly qualified teachers for our students.

Through the creation of our Special Education Plan, the Grow Our Own Special Education Credit Reimbursement Program began in September 2016. The Special Education Reimbursement Program is intended for MMSD general education classroom teachers who are pursuing a special education license.  Selected candidates are eligible to receive $1,000 per 3 credit course taken, there is no limit on the number of courses that can reimbursed each semester. The District shall provide such tuition reimbursement to a participant after successful course completion. Successful completion of a course shall be evidenced by a report from the school showing a passing grade of "B" or better. If grades are not normally awarded, a statement of satisfactory completion must be presented; for instance, this may include a pass/fail situation.  This payment amount will be reviewed on an annual basis.

To apply to the Grow Our Own - Dual Certification Program, please go to the Special Education Staff only web page and click on Grow Our Own.