A speech or language impairment, as per PI 11.36 (5)(a) of the Wisconsin Administrative Code, means "An impairment of speech or sound production, voice, fluency, or language that significantly affects educational performance or social, emotional, or vocational development." A child is identified as having a speech/language impairment if he/she meets Wisconsin state eligibility criteria in one or more areas of oral communication. Speech/language services are provided to those children who are identified as having both a speech/language impairment and a need for special education. In addition, some children receive speech/language services as a related service if the IEP team determines these services are needed in order for the child to benefit from his/her special education program. 

Speech and language services in public schools are provided to children ages 3 - 21. In the Madison Metropolitan School District, Speech/Language Pathologists are assigned to provide services to children in each school building. Students at the Early Childhood level (ages 3-4) are provided services on an itinerant basis, with consideration of the child's natural environment e.g. home, pre-school, child care, HeadStart, and 4K school sites. Itinerant services are also provided to those 18-21 year olds identified as having special education needs.


Program Contacts

Jan Chynoweth, Assistant Director Special Education - jgchynoweth@madison.k12.wi.us

Theresa Grueneberg, Administrative Assistant - tgrueneberg@madison.k12.wi.us 

Lisa Kirby-Mangas, Program Support Teacher - lkirbymangas@madison.k12.wi.us

Renee Ritchie, Program Support Teacher - rritchiedenk@madison.k12.wi.us


Helpful Resources

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