MMSD ensures that students who have a disability and move into MMSD or between schools in MMSD have no interruption in special education services. Parents/guardians moving into MMSD may inform the principal, psych or the student's teacher in their school building about their child's special education needs. A team will be assembled and services will be approximated as closely as possible to the current IEP while it is being reviewed for adoption, or a new one is being developed. If the Evaluation meets WI criteria and the IEP can be carried out as written in our schools, MMSD can adopt the previous district's Evaluation and IEP.  If the evaluation does not meet WI criteria,  a new evaluation will be conducted, followed by a new IEP. 

An LEA can offer parents a new notice of placement without a meeting if the students new school building is the building s/he would otherwise attend if not disabled AND the student's IEP can be implemented as written in the new school building.  MMSD must notify the parents of its decision to implement the current IEP in the new school building by providing the parent a copy of the IEP along with the new notice of placement.  

DPI Informational Bulletin 13.01 - Transfer Students

Staff Only ~ Transfer Students