MMSD Vision Mission Statement:

MMSD will provide opportunities for children and youth who are visually impaired, including those with additional disabilities, to develop the skills necessary to lead vocationally, personally, socially satisfying and productive lives through the use of assistive technology, braille, expanded core curriculum, etc. so they are community, career and college ready.

 Braille Alphabet                                



For information on vision services within MMSD please contact:

Vision Teachers:                                      

Leanette Dieck (Office at Muir Elementary School)--West

Naomi Hrdina (Office at Midvale Elementary School)--West/South Central 

Kelsey Tiradani (Office at LaFollette High School)--East/Downtown

Jana Uhler (Office at La Follette High School)--East/West

Orientation and Mobility Teachers:

Brynn Guzzetta (Office at La Follette High School)

Braille Transcriber:

Traci McDonald (Office at LaFollette High School)           

Vision Assistants:

Leslie Connor

Lori Nieman

Lori McGowen

For additional information regarding vision services in general:

 Vision Evaluation Info:

AEM (Accessible Educational Materials) Resources:

Diagram of Expanded Core Curriculum

Expanded Core Curriculum:

The Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC)is a disability-specific set of skills that compensates for vision loss and is foundational to all other learning. It focuses on independence, assistive technology, vocational training, social engagement and more to prepare your child for his or her fullest life possible. (Please see image above for the different ECC skills).

Vision Events:


Workplace Resources

Assistive Technology:

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